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Educational Creative Pen Inductive Toy

Educational Creative Pen Inductive Toy

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ūüėćHere is the best gift for children.¬†Your kids will be amazed and excited¬†that the toy moves along the black drawn lines.¬†They will¬†improve creativity and imagination¬†while enjoying the fun by playing the toy.


  • Fun and educational -¬†this inductive toy makes learning to draw and develop fine motor skills fun and enjoyable
  • Easy to use -¬†just keep a white paper and a black marker on hand and the mini inductive toy is ready to play with
  • Safe for kids -¬†this toy is made of high-quality, sturdy, brightly colored plastic that's safe and environmentally friendly
  • The perfect gift idea -¬†this magic toy with¬†inductive function and cute appearance will serve as an amazing gift for kids


    • Draw a line on a piece of white paper with a black marker pen.
    • Turn on the switch at the bottom of the toy.
    • Place the¬†toy¬†on the drawn line, it will run along the line automatically
    • Turn off the switch at the bottom of the toy if you do not want to play.


      • With an optical sensor, can automatically run following the line drawn.
      • They will improve creativity and imagination while enjoying the fun by playing the toys.
      • material: eco-friendly abs, electronic components
      • charging time: 30mins
      • width: 8cm/3.15" (approx.)
      • height: 8.5cm/3.35" (approx.)


      1. This product must be matched with a marker, its line must be a full black line and the line width should be about 6.5mm. This product does NOT contain a marker for shipping reasons.
      2. The pig is charged via usb, and the other toys use button battery (not included in package)


        1 * Inductive toy
        1 * USB charging cable
        1 * User Manual


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