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Hair Regrowth Centella Scrub

Hair Regrowth Centella Scrub

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Say goodbye to thin, dull hair with the Hair Regrowth Centella Scrub. The hair regrowth scrub stimulates fuller and healthier hair. The hair regrowth scrub also restores nutrients to broken hair follicles and balances oily scalps. 

Hair Regrowth Centella Scrub


  • Boosts Fuller and Healthier Hair: With just a few uses of the hair regrowth centella scrub, your hair will feel fuller and look healthier! With vitamin A, C, E and B5, your hair will look healthier, shinier and replenished. 
  • Stimulates Hair Regrowth: The hair regrowth scrub promotes blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. 
  • Restores Nutrients to Broken Hair Follicles: The hair scrub restores nutrients with each use to broken hair follicles. The scrub will make your frizzies become healthy and grow longer.
  • Balances Oily Scalps: The hair growth scrub balances out dry and oily scalps and gives it the perfect medium. No more dandruff and extreme oiliness! 

  • Instructions:

    1. Wet your hair completely with warm water
    2. Blend a teaspoon of the scrub and water onto your palm
    3. Massage the scrub mix gently onto your scalp like regular shampoo
    4. Rinse off thoroughly
    5. Use daily for best results

    Product Specifications:

    • Net Weight: 200g
    • Ingredients: Deep Sea Mineral Salts, Small Fruit Coffee Seed Powder, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Centella Extract

    Package Includes:

    1 x 200g Bottle Hair Regrowth Centella Scrub

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