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Halloween Scary Terror All Face Skull Mask

Halloween Scary Terror All Face Skull Mask

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Human Skull Mask, horror and absurd,If you are brave enough, try it, come on, warriors!


This double-layered Halloween Mask has a removable extra face! The first layer of the mask is a bloody skull, and the second layer of the mask is a joker face with a big mouth and red slashed smile, which is removable. This will for sure scare anyone in any situation.

The Halloween Mask gives full cover to your face, head, and bust which provides an all-round extra terrifying effect and helps you save time and money on make-up for Halloween, carnivals, pranks, magic shows, dress-up parties and so on.



The biochemical medical quality latex makes the Halloween Horror Mask very soft and flexible, so it moves with your face. When you talk or move your face and mouth the Halloween Horror Mask will move too, making it look like your real face. With the realistic movements of the Halloween Horror Mask your family and friends will think it is the most horrifying face they have ever seen.


The skull on first layer of the Double-layered Halloween Horror Mask has big eyeholes so that you have a clear view of where you are going and who you are scaring. The flexible and stretchy latex also makes the Halloween Horror Mask stay in place on your face so you easily see through it and move around obstacles.


  • 1 x Halloween Scary Terror All Face Skull Mask
  • Material: Latex
  • Head circumference size: less than 65cm
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Adult (10 years old +)
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