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P3 Suspension Trainer Full Bundle

P3 Suspension Trainer Full Bundle

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Do you want to get a really good workout in while in the convenience of your own home or even from a hotel room when you're working away? The popular new P3 suspension workout is taking the world by storm, used by athletes of all forms, whether your a pro footballer, a boxer or a runner... With so many different ways to use the P3 suspension trainer you are able to work out every part of your body and have yourself fit and toned in no time, the P3 comes with everything you need to start your incredible workout straight away, simply just install the door anchor, clip the suspension training straps  on and away you go, its small and compact enough to fit in your luggage and bring anywhere,

Included: Door anchor, PRO3 suspension bands, Extended straps, Carry bag and an Instruction manual complete with a workout guide

  • Workout in the convenience of your own home, local park or hotel room
  • Literally, take it out of the packaging and hook it up to your door and start working out, it's that easy
  • Pack it away tidy in the travel bag or pack in your suitcase when your travelling
  • 100’s of unique workouts to choose from
  • Comes with handles and also foot cradles so you can slip your feet in and work those lower abdominals

    Often times it’s a struggle to get to the gym in the mornings or after work whether it be too much traffic or you just have so much going on in your life that the commute isn’t possible, and if you have a full-time job and kids you’ll know what I’m talking about… With the P3 you not only get an incredible work out in without leaving your home and in under 30 minutes... but you also gain time that you can spend wisely on important things like family, work or whatever else you're busy on

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