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Tongue Cleaning Gel Set

Tongue Cleaning Gel Set

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Do you still have bad breath after brushing your teeth every day?

Most bad breath comes from a dirty tongue.

Check out this (Tongue Cleaning Gel Set)

Applicable scenarios: working hours, before appointments, after meals, on business trips


  1. Gargle with foam for 10-15 seconds, do not use mouthwash to clean your mouth, it smells very fresh
  1. Use tongue coating cleaning gel instead of toothpaste, 2-3 minutes to deeply remove breath.
  • Efficacy: clean oral care remove oral odor and fresh breath


  • Ingredient:Water/Mint/Sorbose
  • Tet content : 50g
  • Shelf life : 3 years
  • Store: Store in a cool dry place 
  • Product Function: Clean tongue coating and fresh breath
  • Total weight:87g / 0.2lb
  • Size:


  • 1 × Tongue Cleaning Gel Set
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